New Downspout Disconnection Rule

New Downspout Disconnection Rule

By now you heard the news: the city offer to payto disconnect your downspout ran out on Tuesday. The process can cost $1,300 per home, not cheap for Toronto residents already struggling with a host of new taxes. The program was so popular that officials were overwhelmed with applications and figure it may take more than a decade to get to them all even though the new law says you have to have the deed done within three years.

Many object on moral grounds. Others oppose the idea because it will ruin the look of their homes. Some think it wrong because it creates an unfair advantage for those who got in before the deadline. And still others say it just too expensive. Linda Johnston has a more practical reason why she plans to defy the rules. problem with the downspout is all the water ends up in the basement, she complains. only 2 and a half feet between the two houses. city counters that it essential residents comply, because the direct connections are causing floodingin other people basements and pollution for the beaches and the lake. And they intend to issuefines although those in charge admit they not quite sure of how much they be and who will police it all.

they are repeatedly ignoring their advice, we can fine people, affirms Toronto Water Lou di Gironimo. Those fines may actually be cheaper than the disconnection itself, a fact not lost on those who are against the waythis announcementhas been handled.

another example how the city doesn know what it doing and can give any certainty to the residents of the City of Toronto about what they cheap jerseys should be doing, gripes Councillor Denzil Minnan Wong.

Johnston isn prepared to see her protest go down the drain. she proclaims. want water in my basement. That costs much more than to leave the downspout where it is. is there any way to escape this watery Hobson choice? Turns out, there is for some. The city has set up some exemptions to the downspout rule. Among them:.

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